• State-of-the-art Teaching Kitchens

    Learn by doing in Washburne’s 150,000 sq. ft. commercial grade, culinary teaching facilities.

  • Hands-on Training; Real-World Opportunities

    Hone your skills in fully-functioning Washburne restaurants and pastry shop.

  • Experienced Chefs are Instructors

    Learn the basics coupled with the newest trends from our experienced chef-instructors that help harness your creativity and foster innovation.

Real-World Training

Backed by 70 Years of Culinary Tradition

Washburne Culinary & Hospitality Institute is one of the oldest culinary schools in the nation. Headquartered on 63rd and Halsted on the City Colleges of Chicago Kennedy-King campus, Washburne marries the latest culinary techniques with the hands-on experience to ensure that our graduates receive world-class culinary and hospitality training. The Washburne tradition produces graduates who are well-rounded individuals ready to work in Chicago’s most successful restaurants.